About the Program

Pastoral Care involves strengthening people in their faith and helping them resolve spiritual concerns. Through a coordinated effort from Pastoral Care Workers, Lutheran clergy and many dedicated volunteers, we facilitate worship opportunities and faith-based support to individuals and their families. We offer monthly worship services in the long-term care facilities, conduct regular visits to people in hospital or nursing homes who request it, and support the families of loved ones in care.

We only initiate contact with individuals who have identified themselves as Lutheran, who have an affinity to the Lutheran Church, or who have reached out to our Pastoral Care Worker. People of any faith are welcomed to reach out to our Pastoral Care Service — we will accommodate for an individual’s faith by taking an ecumenical approach, respectfully supporting the person’s faith, beliefs and means of expressing their spirituality. We will also assist in establishing or re-establishing a link with a church or minister of a faith group that an individual has expressed an affinity to for ongoing spiritual care.

If you need to reach Pastoral Care, you may call 807-345-6062 Ext 117 or email l.lahtinen@lccare.ca and speak with Liisa Lahtinen, our Pastoral Care Worker.

New Worship Service calendar coming soon.

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