" The Lutheran Community Care Centre provides flexible and responsive social, developmental and spiritual services to people in the northern region of Ontario. "

Street Reach Ministries

" It doesn't matter who you are, what you've done or where you've been, you are welcome here! "

The Resource Centre at 633 Simpson is temporarily closed while we work to restore the damage done from an adjacent fire. In the meantime, Street Reach Ministries will be operating out of “The River” at 639 Simpson Street.
Street Reach ArtistSandi Krasowski, Photojournalist
The Chronicle Journal

The Resource Centre is a safe and supportive environment where people can come to find a sense of community. At the Centre, volunteers take the effort to sit down, talk, get to know people and find out, “What’s going on?” This approach of fellowship not only changes attitudes but also opens up hearts. We strive to reach out to everyone who comes to the Centre with the purpose of providing a sense of belonging and community to people coming off the street.

Pastor Brad Julien’s cell phone is always available to people who need someone to call. His phone rings with requests to visit people in the hospital, in jail, or just at home. Sometimes it is people who need extra help when it comes to moving some furniture, getting groceries or getting to a medical appointment. Sometimes it is a crisis call. If you would like to contact Pastor Julien for help he can be reached at 807-474-9661.

Laundry Services are available one load per family every two weeks. Also, there are computers available for people to look for housing and job opportunities. We also have a photographer who comes in to take pictures of those who want to be on our StreetReach Family Wall. It is amazing to see how many have come through our doors in the past and consider themselves to be part of this family.

In summary we are blessed to have a place that people can call their home away from home, surrounded by people who care for them like a real family.

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Resource Center Hours

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
10:00am - 2:30pm Eastern Standard Time


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