" The Lutheran Community Care Centre provides flexible and responsive social, developmental and spiritual services to people in the northern region of Ontario. "

Social Services Program

" The little program that could "

This is an appropriate way to describe the Social Services Program at the Care Centre. With one staff person, over 140 individuals are supported. Many of the individuals are seniors although other age groups are also helped. The support is highly individualized but generally falls into the following categories: advocacy, referral and information, daily living skills, support services, translations, and transportation. The goal of the supports provided are improved quality of life, timely health care, personal and financial security, and continued ability to live in a community setting including support to households that are at risk of homelessness.

Lutheran Community Care Centre has a significant support role at Luther Court. For the thirty residents of this apartment building, weekly support is offered in areas of counseling, assistance with medical appointments, opportunities for increased socialization, and coordination of other community services.

From the community the Care Centre receives referrals from many sources such as the Community Care Access Centre, hospitals, police, clergy, landlords, friends and family. Individuals appreciate the flexibility of the program. They can come by the office and receive help with a variety of issues such as filling out forms, obtaining information, or just talking with someone. Agencies appreciate the willingness of the Care Centre to tackle difficult situations where the health and safety of isolated seniors is clearly at risk and no other supports are evident.

Funding for supports at Luther Court and the Social Services Program now come largely through the Thunder Bay District Social Services Administration Board. Donations and fundraising help us maintain the current capacity of the Social Services Program as well as respond to crisis situations through an Emergency Fund.