MIT Program

The Mobile Integrated Team (MIT) is an innovative partnership model that provides direct hands-on support to adult with a developmental disability. MIT’s integrated framework is culturally grounded and draws upon best practices from both mental health and developmental service sectors.

Support is flexible, mobile, and responsive to people who fall through the gaps of service. The program focuses on people who have multi-sector complex needs related to mental health, addictions, homelessness, or involvement with the criminal justice system.

The goal of the service is to help people build skills necessary to achieve various degrees of independence, as well as promote interdependence that fosters self-sufficiency and resilience.

MIT engages with people whenever the need arises, whatever their situation, wherever they are in our community, and wherever they are within the continuum of service.

The program offers:

  • Life skills development
  • Health care promotion
  • Housing retention & placement
  • Planning & service navigation
  • Outreach & engagement
  • Flexible hours of service

The team:

Cultural Wellness Workers – Offer a culturally grounded approach and opportunities for healing, building positive connections with family and community, as well as promoting cross-cultural awareness.

Life Skill Specialist – Provide skills training through one-to-one or group interaction that focuses on building core skills, independent living skills and social skills.

Case Management – Encourages people to actively participate in accessing, monitoring, maintaining service, advocacy, and engage in partnerships with other community agencies in order to increase community capacity, improve access to services, build awareness of developmental disabilities, and decrease barriers for people.