" The Lutheran Community Care Centre provides flexible and responsive social, developmental and spiritual services to people in the Northern Region of Ontario. "

About us

" With compassion and respect, the physical, spiritual, emotional, social and economic needs of individuals and families in the Northern Region of Ontario are met, enabling them to develop to their potential as citizens. "

Our History

There is a long history of Lutherans working together to provide spiritual and social services to people beyond congregational members in the Thunder Bay area. As early as 1959 a Lutheran institutional chaplain existed. Organizations such as the Lutheran Welfare Committee and Lakehead Lutheran Social Services were forerunners to the Lutheran Community Care Centre's establishment in 1979.

For the first five years a managing board utilized volunteers and project funding to offer services to the community. In 1982 the fledgling agency received its first permanent government contract from the Ontario government to employ an Adult Protective Service Worker to serve adults with a developmental disability. In 1983 a "Forward in Remembrance" grant from the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod enabled the Care Centre to employ its first Executive Director. That same year Lutheran Chaplaincy Services became a program of the Care Centre solidifying the dual focus on both spiritual and social concerns. As the credibility of the organization grew in the 1980's so did the service contracts with the Ontario government. Services to adults with a developmental disability became a significant focus of the organization but other service areas included trusteeship services, social services to seniors and counseling. Helping individuals with their housing needs grew to the point where in 1988 a separate corporation, Lutheran Community Housing Corporation was started. In the mid-1990's the social work staff become unionized and are represented by the Ontario Public Service Employees Union. The increasing complexity of the organization moves the board gradually toward greater governance through policy development.

Throughout its history the Lutheran Community Care Centre remains responsive to changing community needs by introducing new programs and winding down others. Street Reach Ministries was established in 2004. In July, 2011 the Lutheran Community Care Centre was designated as the Application Entity for the Northern Region under the Services and Supports to Promote the Social Inclusion of Persons with Developmental Disabilities Act, 2008. The Centre also became the provider for the direct funding program called Passport in 2011 for the Northern Region. New satellite offices were established in Dryden, Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury joining an already existing satellite office in Marathon. These regional programs required the establishment of bilingual services.

With the new regional roles for the Care Centre the governance structure has changed resulting in 4 director positions being drawn from various stakeholder groups across the Northern Region. The remaining 11 positions continue to be filled by representatives of the member congregations.

Our Values

The following values are incorporated into all of our programs and services:

  • All people have equal value.
  • All people should be treated with respect, care and compassion.
  • Individuals are entitled to receive services that are holistic, empowering, culturally sensitive and choice-enhancing.
  • The services provided must be flexible, creative and responsive to individual and community needs.
  • We are accountable for the wise use of all entrusted resources.
  • Cooperative and collaborative approaches to service delivery are preferable.
  • Preventative services and approaches are a good investment of resources.
Our Staff

The Lutheran Community Care Centre is a phenomenal organization thanks to our incredible staff. They have the experience, the knowledge and most importantly the heart.

  • Our staff are passionate: advocating for equal rights and striving to empower every person they come across.
  • Our staff think outside of the box- customizing services and support to a person's individual and particular needs, helping them meet their own goals.
  • Our staff are known: social workers and hospitals refer clients to us first if they can knowing that we go the extra mile.
  • Our staff are trusted: with decades of experience in the community, extensive networking and past successes to rely on, the community trusts The Care Centre.
  • Our staff are compassionate: taking evenings to sew curtains for a client and spending time singing familiar songs to seniors in homes.
  • Our staff promote an open door policy - even if a person's need does not fit into our mandate, no one has ever turned anyone away. If we can't help them, we will find someone who can.

With your donation, you can help make our organization stronger and extend our programs to many people. If you'd like to donate to the Lutheran Community Care Centre's programs and services, please visit our Donation page.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Lutheran Community Care Centre consists of 13 directors. Ten come from the Lutheran member congregations and 3 come from stakeholder groups of Developmental Services Ontario Northern Region.

Individuals interested in serving on the Board as a stakeholder director are invited to click here for a printable copy of the Expression of Interest Board Director Form.

Heather Kuivila – President
Deborah Fildes – Vice President
John Zurba – Treasurer
Linda Langen– Secretary
Stephen Bartlett
Patricia Kaukola
Sharon Melville
Deborah Michaud
Edith Repo
Brenda Sedgwick
Maxine Tenander
Susan Ward
Bill Wiltshire
Our Policies

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Privacy Policy
Accessibility Policy
Complaints and Feedback Policy

Get Involved
General Volunteer Information

The Lutheran Community Care Centre benefits from a large group of volunteers that help in two distinct areas:

  • One area is in enhancing the services and activities that are led by staff of the Care Centre. Programs or activities that have a significant volunteer component include Pastoral Care, Street Reach Ministries, Social Services and Developmental Services.
  • The other area is with special events that either have a fundraising component or provide a group social opportunity for individuals supported by the Care Centre. Our auxiliary, Community Care Volunteers (CCV), coordinates this group of volunteers.

Offer your time by volunteering with one of the following programs:

  • Street Reach Ministries
    • Maintenance and cleaning
    • Administrative tasks
    • Providing short-term child care
    • Sharing your talent at our Resource Centre
  • Pastoral Care
    • Friendly visiting
    • Helping people with mobility problems get to worship services in nursing homes
    • Musician
  • Social and Developmental Services
    • Sharing your leisure time and interests with a person with a disability
    • Friendly visiting
    • Providing help with shopping

For more information, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 807-345-6062 or email info@lccctbay.org

You may access the volunteer application here

Community Care Volunteer Information

The Strawberry Festival, the Harvest Festival, the Christmas Parties for people involved in the Care Centre's services, and the Dinner Auction are hosted by the CCV. The CCV Executive Committee welcomes your ideas for new events.

Membership in the CCV is open to everyone aged 13 and older. Annual dues are only $2. To join or to offer your help call (807) 345-6062 or email info@lccctbay.org

Like to Barbeque?
 You could offer a couple hours at the Strawberry Festival or Harvest Festival.

Do you have the gift of hospitality?
 Be a greeter at the Dinner Auction.

Like to play with children?
 Help us organize the children's activities at the Strawberry Festival.

Are you an excellent baker?
 Prepare treats for the Christmas parties.

Are you skilled at coordinating the efforts of many people?
 You could volunteer by becoming an Event chair.

Are you a born salesperson?
How about helping us with event ticket sales or seeking out donations for the Silent Auction?
Have a talent for crafts, wood working, metal work, or other artisan work?
 Donate one of your items to the Auction.